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When cannabis and passion collide, great things happen.

Welcome to an elevated cannabis experience.

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Elevate your inhale.

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Elevate your inhale.


Bites that push the boundaries.

Select is daring to go where cannabis has never been before. Introducing X Bites, edibles infused with our award winning oil that feature a new, specially engineered encapsulation technology designed to maximize the absorption of every milligram. Prepare for steady onsets, steep climbs, and extended flight times of our most intense ride yet.

Traditional gummies
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XBites: Off the chart effects

XR Encapsulation Technology

The THC in XBITES has been coated in a natural, bio-mimicking lipid barrier making each molecule more recognizable by your body as something that it can absorb. This protects and delivers more THC into your body.

Off the chart effects

A steady, prolonged, and more intense experience, created by optimizing the absorption and delivery of THC molecules into your body. The onset is faster, and effects are stronger and longer lasting than a classic edible.

XBites: Cannabis-infused gummies


Bites that Push the Boundaries

Take a bite that goes way beyond with these groundbreaking new gummies. Scientifically engineered with a proprietary technology to deliver maximum absorption, quicker onset, and extended effects.


  • Strawberry Supercharge​
  • Orange Matter
  • Rainbow Upload.
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